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Digital marketing

“It is no longer enough to satisfy your customers. You have to charm them. “- Philip Kotler

Why digital marketing?

Because digital marketing is flexible enough to accommodate your financial capabilities, it is measurable over time, you can find out what brings you more attention and which of your services is more relevant to your users. Using the tools of digital marketing you can achieve results that justify the financial resources you invest in contrast to traditional marketing, which is very difficult to measure and not effective enough.

“The best way to retain customers is to constantly analyze how to give them more for less.” – Philip Kotler

Facebook Marketing

Fascinate your users in the social network with branded content and professional attitude


Professional development and support of the corporate presence of your business on Facebook.
– Unique branding of your Facebook page;
– Creative post with individually branded images;
– Creative and cover design and profile photo; – Multiproduct advertising – banner with 4 to 9 visions of your products / services;
– Local advertising – ads are broadcast near your site;
– Budget management to Facebook for sponsoring publications, advertising campaigns for recruiting targeted fans;
– Communication with users of your page;
– Creative and management of two surveys;


By using Google services, you can achieve much stronger results for your business and its distribution online.


Instagram is a social photo and video sharing platform that is becoming increasingly valuable to marketers, especially since its acquisition by Facebook.

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Many consumer brands are already achieving huge success on Instagram, using it to showcase their products through interesting photos and gift games. For B2B organizations, you can use Instagram to share interesting and fun photos, capture events and photos in the office. Engaging with potential customers and sharing are the main reasons to use a platform like Instagram. We can increase traffic to your account, as well as help develop it.

On page SEO

Basic optimization of your website is of great importance for the ranking and position of your site in higher positions in search engines. Taking the time and attention, adding relevant information to your site will improve its ranking and your customers will find you easier.

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